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Dowsing with a pendulum is my “go-to” whenever I’m unable to make a clear decision or I feel unsure about the best course of action to take. Sometimes it reinforces a decision I’m drawn to but not 100% sure about. At other times it sets me thinking about completely new possibilites. When I learned how to dowse with a pendulum I reduced my tendency to procrastinate. This is because it’s the best way I’ve found to cut through my habit of second-guessing myself. It reassures me that I need to trust my intuition whenever I doubt it.

The phrase ‘tumultuous’ or ‘difficult times’ is one that’s pulled out all the time and tossed about freely. This century is certainly stressful for most of us, and with the increased stress comes greater indecision. Dowsing is one simple technique to help calm stress caused by indecision or confusion.

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Science Has Verified Dowsing Findings

Dowsing has been used across the globe for thousands of years. In fact there are Neolithic cave paintings with people holding dowsing rods, pendulums were found in the pyramids, and it’s practiced by remote tribes in Africa and Australia. But dowsing is one of those practices that polarises wildly different viewpoints.

Before trying dowsing, it’s easy to dismiss it as having no validity. But many of the energies detected by dowsers can actually be measured with various scientific instruments. These geopathic zones hold a concentration of energies from the earth that can have a detrimental effect on human health. You can read more about them  here .

Vertically rising emissions such as microwaves or positive ions over underground water systems is just one example of the type of effects of the energies in these zones.They can affect both objects and humans within their field.

A radio or TV placed over the point where these emissions are detected will have very poor reception. A baby held over it will cry or be unable to sleep. Moving the baby away stops the crying immediately.

Cats actually seek out these places to sleep – but has anyone ever understood a cat properly?


Traditional Use Of Dowsing

Dowsing is used to detect specific things as well as to answer questions. In the past it was 18th Century Dowseroften used to find underground water and the image of the farmer holding a forked stick as he combs his land is a familiar one.

Dowsing was also used to find gold, oil and other minerals. I was intrigued when one client, a builder, told me that he always dowsed the land before he started doing any site preparation prior to construction, in order to locate the exact paths of electricity, gas and water lines. He said he had never once had a problem with cutting any of them on any job. (I wish the builder we used had done this, as he managed to cut them all)

There are energy lines that criss-cross the whole globe and dowsing rods can be used to detect these as well as any other activity pathways such as underground water courses.  Dowsing rods are L-shaped rods made of metal which are held loosely one in each hand so that they can swing freely.


How To Use Dowsing Rods

To use the rods you first set an intention to detect a particular point or energy line, such as an underground stream, an electricity line, or a ley line. Then holding the rods parallel to rhe ground you walk across the ground. As you pass over the energy line or point that you have asked to be shown the rods will suddenly swing and cross. It takes a little practice to get the hang of using them but, as you can see in the case of the builder, they can be quite useful once you have mastered the technique.


Dowsing With A Pendulum

These days dowsing is most likely to be done with a pendulum which is the method I use most often. I have a pair of copper rods and a single rod called a Biotensor which is lovely to use, as well as a number of pendulums that range from a simple stainless steel spiral to a beautiful Phantom Quartz Crystal. But anything can be used to dowse that has a weight suspended from a chain or cord. Choose what works best for you, it is simply a tool and doesn’t need to be fancy. A pendulum just needs to be a heavy object on a length of string – my sister uses her car keys.

Here are some instructions to start out using a pendulum for yourself. There are plenty of short dowsing workshops around which are a great way to get started. I’ve taught groups to dowse and the workshops have always been heaps of fun. I’m sure you can also find a demonstration on Youtube.


Two of my own pendulums


Dowsing For Feng Shui

Dowsing is commonly used by Feng Shui consultants to detect the negative energy points in your home – those places where you shouldn’t place a bed or chair because spending time over these points can lead illness or poor sleep.

Many healers also use dowsing to obtain or clarify information. I’ve used it to test the compatability of supplements with my body, in particular to test the difference between one formula and another of the same vitamin etc. One brand may be better than another, even though each may be ‘good’ for different individuals.


Dowsing Taps Your Inner Wisdom

When I ran Party Plans I would always teach the guests a new technique as a part of the event and the ‘Dowsing Parties’ were the most popular and a lot of fun. Guests would always ask their questions in different ways to try and ‘trick’ the pendulum and prove it was not actually working. They were amazed that the answers always rang true no matter which way they asked the question. I heard one explain eloquently to her friends later that “it enabled her to access the truth she knew deep down but for one reason or another had not acknowledged or recognised”.

Whatever the actual process, dowsing allows for clear and creative thinking, and can crystal pendulum provide focus when you feel confused, as well as being a useful tool for locating ‘hot-spots’ in your environment. Most people don’t usually trust their gut instincts, their intuition. Often they won’t even be aware of it, or trust it if they get a message.

Whether you view dowsing as accessing your intuition, your Higher Self, the angels or God, if it allows you to tune into yourself and find clarity it has to a useful tool.

When you’re dowsing it’s really important to keep your mind relaxed and open while remaining alert. It simply doesn’t pay to be attached to the result or to have a strong desire for a specific answer. You need to let your subconscious mind have its voice unhindered by your wishes for a particular result.

According to Dowsing Australia, an article in BBC Focus about dowsing from May 2008 states that scans done on dowsers while they were dowsing showed their brain activity was similar to that of the brain activity shown on brainscans taken during meditation.

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How To Use Dowsing In Your Life

Chris Gozdzik of Divining Mind has put together a short list of some ways to use dowsing in your life. Here are just some of the insights he has to offer:

1. Search for gold and minerals – this also includes oil and gas and is quite widely used. Some oil companies won’t admit they hire dowsers to locate rich oil deposits

2.  Finding lost objects or missing people

3.  Detecting geopathic zones…is a growing field. In several European countries you can’t get a building permit without testing for geopathic stress first

4.  Sexing unhatched eggs – this one requires some skill

5.  Dowsing the stock market – a bit  controversial – from what I gathered you get better results dowsing for trends. It’s hard to find the truth – I don’t think successful stock market dowsers would share their techniques with the public for obvious reasons.

6.   Dowsing fruit and vegetables for freshness and contaminants – irradiated, sprayed or otherwise treated food will give very low life force reading

7.   Testing for mineral deficiencies or surplus

8.   Adjusting chakras


Setting Up Your Dowsing Pendulum

Before you start to seriously dowse you need test out the pendulum to find which movement is showing a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for you. This isn’t the same for everyone. Simply hold your pendulum still by the end of the chain. ask “show me yes”.Wait and the pendulum will slowly begin to move. When it gains momentum it will settle into swinging in one direction.

Once you have established your”yes” response ask “show me no”. The swing direction will change until it again settles into a single direction. This can be sideways, back and forward, clockwise, or anticlockwise, and varies from one person to the next.

It’s also worth asking “show me an answer is not available at this time”. I don’t use this as I find the pendulum simply doesn’t settle into my “yes” or “no” swing.

The questions you ask need to be formed carefully to be ones that can be answered with either a yes or no.

Once you’ve worked out the direction your pendulum swings for each answer practise until you feel you have the hang of it.

So try it out and remember to keep your mind open to the answer you may receive.

Pendulums help tap your inner wisdom


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