HappyHolisticHealth Is Moving

Have you been following Happy Holistic Health? Do you love the posts dropping straight into your inbox with great tips, reminding you of ways to live in health and wellness for you and your family? Are you relieved that they save you from having to go searching for the information? Do you enjoy the in-depth holistic health articles that support you to enjoy a healthy life that you love to live?

Well you still can! Happy Holistic Health is moving and has a whole NEW LOOK, but the great information is set to continue.

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It’s been awesome connecting with you, my amazing reader, and I feel humbled that you make the time in your busy life to read my posts. I certainly hope we can continue to connect through my new ‘clean-look’ website “Nàdurra Health – Catherine Bullard” where happyholistichealth will now reside.

You will still receive:

  • Great natural health and happiness tips
  • Easy to read articles
  • In-depth articles with ALL the information right there
  • Great variety, covering lots of natural health topics that are relevant and helpful for you

All you need to do is head on over here and hit the big blue “SUBSCRIBE” button underneath where it says “Subscribe to Blog via Email” and all the awesome articles will continue to drop into your inbox, ready to read anytime.


Never miss a post.

The articles will be duplicated on this page for a short while but then they will only appear on the new blog. So head on over right now and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a single article.

I hope you click through and reconnect. I really look forward to your thoughts, your knowledge, and your ideas and hints. I love learning from your experience.

Let’s stay in touch



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