Why You Need To Go On Retreat

The word ‘retreat’ has become the new event buzzword. It seems every second event is labelled ‘Retreat’ no matter what the focus and format. I’ve seen ‘retreats’ lasting from a single afternoon through to a couple of weeks. I’ve even seen online retreats! So you may be wondering exactly what makes a retreat different from other events. You may also be asking yourself “why would I want to go on retreat?”

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In common event-speak, retreats are now any event where you’re removed from of your day-to-day activity. Which basically could apply to pretty well every event!  The dictionary defines them as “an organised group withdrawal from regular activities, as for religious contemplation, the development of closer relationships, etc.”.  But neither really defines the nitty-gritty of a retreat.


Retreats generally have a theme. These vary from self-development, through skill development, creative refinement, business skills, religious practice, intuitive development, self-care pampering, finding your purpose, and many more. Many retreats also offer a deeper, non-religious spiritual experience to nourish your soul. You can always find a retreat with a theme that matches what you need in your life.


But here’s where things get confusing, as the format and structure of a retreat experience is not clear-cut.



What Makes An ‘Event’ A ‘Retreat’


Retreats generally have an element of coaching, as do many events. But events and retreats differ in that a retreat’s generally a journey of discovery – of yourself and others. Whether it’s about skill development, personal development or one of self-nurturing, retreats always take you to deeper levels of understanding and wisdom.


Retreats are usually live-in which disconnects you from the responsibilities of your daily life. This separation form the everyday world allows complete immersion in the retreat experience and journey. When you’re not being constantly pulled back into routine you receive new insights to make new conscious intentional choices with clarity.


And this is where the magic happens.  


By completely withdrawing from daily life and not returning home (or to an outside hotel) in the evening to cook dinner, do laundry or check social media, you’re able to completely immerse yourself in the retreat.


When you don’t downgrade your focus into mindless activity like social media or TV you stay completely connected to the energy of the closed group and the process.


When you don’t become distracted by the outside world, you can remain totally with the insights and challenges that arise as you journey through the workshops and experiences provided on the retreat. You can stay completely focused and allow the unfolding to occur fully, and in it’s natural progression and time.


If you shift outside the retreat, either physically or mentally by going online, you interrupt or shut down the process and halt the unfolding.


It is this complete immersion that defines an event as a retreat. It’s also what makes a retreat such a powerful tool for catalysing big shifts in perspectives, skills, knowledge and results.



4 Reasons To Go On Retreat


There are so many benefits that you’ll gain on a retreat. Here are four reasons why you should opt for a retreat over a regular vacation:

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