Why Homeopathy? Here’s My Story

I’d like to tell you my story about why I do what I do and why I love Homeopathy so much.

I embraced Natural Medicine, and mostly just Homeopathy, as the primary health treatment for my family of four boys over twenty years ago. I studied Homeopathy and became a practitioner because it had such a profound effect on one of my children, and here is our story. This was the outcome for my son after using Homeopathy, however it may not necessarily be the same or similar for you.

Like many of my clients I didn’t originally go looking for a Natural Therapist. My father was a doctor, a highly respected Paediatric Pathologist, and I grew up with Western Medicine. In fact, I didn’t even really know anything about any Natural Therapies or what Natural Therapists did.

But one day I was telling a friend about my son’s health problems (an ongoing conversation!) and she recommended someone to me so I decided to try them out. I figured that even if they were able to do nothing we would not be any worse off then we were already were. The person recommended happened to be a Homeopath, and the results of the treatment that I saw in my son just blew me away.

My six-year son had been sick with a string of successive health problems since he was born, and by six this had focused into chronic asthma with severe acute attacks.  He had also just begun to frequently get croup and would always ‘turn blue’ with this, right at the age when most kids were getting over their croup, plus he had a few other problems, including lots of allergies.

Every single day he spent a lot of time sitting around while he was using the Asthma nebulizer and we had frequent trips via ambulence to the hospital with respiratory emergencies.

Just before his sixth Christmas he received Homeopathic Medicines and here is what happened.

  • He stopped needing the nebulizer almost immediately. He still got asthma attacks for a bit but we were able to manage them with Homeopathic medicine (with the Ventolin puffer as our back-up should the homeopathics not work immediately, which they did every time)
  • The last time we needed the ambulance was one week before the first dose of Homeopathic medicine and never again after starting the treatment.
  • We were given medicine to use for his chronic condition as well as for acute attacks and were taught how to respond during his attacks and manage them.
  • After a few months he stopped having asthma attacks at all. He didn’t need to use  ventolin or the steroids, or the nebulizer again after he began the Homeopathic Medicine, and I eventually threw them away after a year.
  • He quickly became well enough to start swimming which further helped to build up his breathing capacity.
  • He is now in his late twenties and robustly healthy.
  • He has never had an asthma attack since that time. (nor any more croup)

I was sold! I began to visit the Homeopath rather than the doctor whenever my children got sick. The younger children grew up without ever taking any medications, including painkillers and antibiotics, and as young adults are extremely healthy. When the opportunity to study Homeopathy opened I embraced it and have never regretted that choice.

Now, even knowing the power of a correctly chosen Homeopathic medicine, I still find myself in awe sometimes at the changes that arise for my clients. I truly love Homeopathy and what it is capable of initiating. I don’t profess to know exactly how it works but I see time and time again in my clinic that it does, and the degree to which it can do this.

But, there is a lot more to attaining and maintaining good health, and living a healthy lifestyle is crucial, so I now incorporate all the knowledge I have gained through further study in order to create the most successful health outcome I can for the wonderful people I get to work with.

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