I invite you to join me in this gentle discovery of the pathway to good health, I’d love to have you along.

I am a Natural Medicine Practitioner and work in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. My Natural Medicine training was in Homeopathy, which held me enthralled as soon as I saw the amazing impact it had on a son who had been sickly since birth, turning his health on it’s head.

I studied at ACNM which is now called Endeavour College. But since then I have studied many other modalities, healing methods, spiritual practices, and incorporate the best of what I have learnt in these courses to provide rounded health care for my clients, able to address their issues on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Being the lucky owner of a “monkey mind”, I have spent my life picking up information about anything and everything I come across, driven by unlimited curiosity.

But, I also consider myself an educator. Long before discovering Homeopathy I trained as a Secondary School teacher, and my passion is to share what I have discovered, what I have learned, to teach and pass it on to anyone interesed in hearing and I truly hope this is you.

In retrospect it can be very hard to identify the moment that you started walking the pathway to better health. Even if you have a life-changing “EOC” (event of change) where circumstances direct you sharply and suddenly onto the pathway, forcing you to make big changes in your life for the sake of your health, when you encounter that moment of awareness, the chances are that you have already spent some time on the ‘health walk’ before.

Sometimes you choose to walk it for a while only to drift off again. At others you walk with one foot on and one foot off the pathway. Sometimes you do it with intent, and at others without even realising.

But often it is those EOC moments and experiences that force you to make the connections that brings an awareness of what actually constitutes good health, and of the multitude parts of your life that are all connected to that health path. It is those moments that trigger the desire to make long-lasting changes.

My feet are now very firmly placed to walk right down the centre of the pathway to better health, but they meandered on and off for a very long time until a few EOC experiences set them straight.

My journey is now a lot calmer, I like to avoid those tumultuous periods that lead into EOC’s, and my focus has become one of learning and understanding, of taking small steps to bring about big change, and very importantly, to do it all in a relaxed manner with an enquiring mind, open to whatever comes my way.

So again, I invite you to join me in this gentle discovery of the pathway to good health, I’d love to have your company.

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