Red Tent Soul Sisters Sanctuary (July)

Circle of Women

Have you ever joined with a circle of women where you take the time and space to connect with your inner knowing, in order to receive insights and clear pointers about the direction your life needs to follow right now?

The Red Tent Soul Sister Sanctuary helps to restore balance in your life and nurture your personal spiritual growth, as well as providing you with a deep sense of nourishment to fuel your soul and fill your heart.

If you are in Melbourne this coming weekend this is your opportunity to experience for yourself.

To discover more about the event read on…

This month we journey under the joyful and regal Leo New Moon.

Leo is a FIRE sign and provides the perfect opportunity to connect with your inner passion and whatever fires you up.

This New Moon is particularly auspicious as the Moon joins up with Lucky Jupiter to enhance the magnanimous Leo energy. This is the time to be generous, to let go of grudges and to find that happy, childlike, warmth and playfulness within.

Leo is also the time to step into your Inner Queen, to connect with her proud generosity and confidence. This is a powerful time to make plans and to reap the rewards from new creative beginnings, big or small. It is time to let out your Lion’s Roar.

And, it’s quite ok to wear your tiara to this one.

Women instinctively know that gathering with other like minded women offers enormous psychological and energetic benefits.

The Red Tent Soul Sisters Sanctuary is an opportunity to take time-out from your busy life to reconnect with your inner self, to let your inner child out to play, to share and to be supported in a sisterhood of exchanged knowledge, insights, gifts, wisdom, guided meditation, laughter & art, all within a safe and sacred space, while consciously journeying with the cycles of the moon and universe.

Traditionally the Red Tent was a place where women would gather to tune in to their feminine wisdom and receive insights for themselves, their families and for the greater good of their community. It would take place during the dark moon when the Moon is shadowed from the Sun by the Earth, and when feminine intuition is at its most heightened.

The Leo moon is ruled by the element of fire and is represented by the archetype of the Lion, who wears her regal air with confidence and grace. This new moon takes us to a place to embrace our creativity and generosity.

So come and journey with us, join with a variety of beautiful women of all ages, cultures, and walks of life. This is a time and place where every woman is honoured for her own feminine wisdom and experiences, all of which allow us all the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.

Each Red Tent gathering includes a sharing circle, insights for the coming month, guided meditation, setting intentions and a shared supper (or lunch).

You leave feeling deeply soul-nourished and filled with purpose.

WHEN: Saturday 26th July
TIME:   1.00pm for 1.30 start – 4.00pm
COST:   $20
WHERE: Indigo Centre for Health & Wellbeing, 563 Whitehorse Rd,. Mitcham Vic 3132


Please bring a small plate of food to share afterwards


For more info please private message Catherine Bullard on Facebook or call +61 429 140 181


Booking online is recommended to secure your cushion.

To book via PAYPAL please ckick the yellow  CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL button below

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