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Why You Need To Go On Retreat

The word ‘retreat’ has become the new event buzzword. It seems every second event is labelled ‘Retreat’ no matter what the focus and format. I’ve seen ‘retreats’ lasting from a single afternoon through to a couple of weeks. I’ve even seen online retreats! So you may be wondering exactly what makes a retreat different from other events. You may also be asking yourself “why would I want to go on retreat?”

Let me help…


go on a retreat


In common event-speak, retreats are now any event where you’re removed from of your day-to-day activity. Which basically could apply to pretty well every event!  The dictionary defines them as “an organised group withdrawal from regular activities, as for religious contemplation, the development of closer relationships, etc.”.  But neither really defines the nitty-gritty of a retreat.


Retreats generally have a theme. These vary from self-development, through skill development, creative refinement, business skills, religious practice, intuitive development, self-care pampering, finding your purpose, and many more. Many retreats also offer a deeper, non-religious spiritual experience to nourish your soul. You can always find a retreat with a theme that matches what you need in your life.


But here’s where things get confusing, as the format and structure of a retreat experience is not clear-cut.



What Makes An ‘Event’ A ‘Retreat’


Retreats generally have an element of coaching, as do many events. But events and retreats differ in that a retreat’s generally a journey of discovery – of yourself and others. Whether it’s about skill development, personal development or one of self-nurturing, retreats always take you to deeper levels of understanding and wisdom.


Retreats are usually live-in which disconnects you from the responsibilities of your daily life. This separation form the everyday world allows complete immersion in the retreat experience and journey. When you’re not being constantly pulled back into routine you receive new insights to make new conscious intentional choices with clarity.


And this is where the magic happens.  


By completely withdrawing from daily life and not returning home (or to an outside hotel) in the evening to cook dinner, do laundry or check social media, you’re able to completely immerse yourself in the retreat.


When you don’t downgrade your focus into mindless activity like social media or TV you stay completely connected to the energy of the closed group and the process.


When you don’t become distracted by the outside world, you can remain totally with the insights and challenges that arise as you journey through the workshops and experiences provided on the retreat. You can stay completely focused and allow the unfolding to occur fully, and in it’s natural progression and time.


If you shift outside the retreat, either physically or mentally by going online, you interrupt or shut down the process and halt the unfolding.


It is this complete immersion that defines an event as a retreat. It’s also what makes a retreat such a powerful tool for catalysing big shifts in perspectives, skills, knowledge and results.



4 Reasons To Go On Retreat


There are so many benefits that you’ll gain on a retreat. Here are four reasons why you should opt for a retreat over a regular vacation:

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Work With Me On Retreat…


Would you love to develop deep Self-Care practices to keep you grounded and energised, and your heart singing?

Join me on the Indochine Queen Women’s Retreat in Vietnam in March 2019.

Find all the details here

womens self care retreat



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Natural Remedies For Winter Health

When your mood matches the sky it’s tempting to dive under the doona and tune out from the world.  Winter is naturally a time to close down and go within so we need to be mindful of honouring our needs during this time.  We need to sleep more, eat nourishing foods and tone down the active life we enjoyed over summer, for our inner health.  We also need to support our immune system because it can take a beating during the winter months.  It’s important to know how to keep your immune system strong and balanced if you want to avoid winter infections and stay healthy.  These natural remedies for winter health provide a simple foundation for wellness.


natural remedies for winter health



The chill of Winter brings with it a swag of seasonal diseases which range from chilblains and cold sores through many respiratory illnesses.  The common cold is the most prevalent contagious disease in Australia and the most common reason for people to stay home from work or school.  Coughs, colds and sometimes flu are a common part of most household’s winter experience.  Colds are very easily spread from person to person affecting over half of the population in winter



Natural Immune Support


Your immune system protects your body and is your greatest health asset.  But with greater demands and stress placed on it over winter it can suffer. In order to get through winter without any sickness it pays to build your immunity naturally.  Vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc are three of the best nutrients for this. When you add probiotics you have a powerful combination.

Zinc and vitamin C are essential for the healthy function of white blood cells which fight infection.  Vitamin D contributes to a multitude of body functions including fighting infection.  Probiotics support the immune function of the gut.


Vitamin D


As we huddle indoors over Winter and spend less time in the sun, our vitamin D levels can easily fall below our needs. Vitamin D is essential for immune health. When these levels don’t meet the increased demands of our immune system we’re left open to coughs, colds and flu.

Low vitamin D can also lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder or ‘SAD’ which causes seasonal depression and low mood.

Vitamin D is difficult to source from food. While you’ll find some in sardines, salmon, mackerel, cod, and eggs most is produced by your body from exposure to sunlight.




Is your diet lacking in zinc?  Zinc is essential for a number of life-sustaining functions, including strong immunity to help prevent coughs, colds and flu.  This important mineral triggers approximately 160 different reactions within the body including immunity.  Unfortunately about 83% of Australian women are deficient in zinc.


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5 Ways To Practice Self Care

As Autumn settles in it’s time to treat yourself with compassion.  Be conscious this is the season to be gentle, and wrap yourself with TLC.  If you are someone who is constantly there for everyone else, now is the time to turn that caring inwards and say ‘no’ to others.  It is only by first caring for your own needs that you can adequately care for those around you.

Although we know that self care is so important it can be difficult to know how to start.  Self care begins with self love.  Self love has nothing to do with being selfish.  Rather, it’s about attending to your needs not about putting yourself before others.  It is a vital step on the pathway to Soul Empowered Wellness.


how to practice self care


If you wish to grow in consciousness and walk a path of integrity and authentic power, one of the most fundamental steps is to attend to your self-care.  It all begins with self-love, the simple act of honouring yourself with kindness and respect.  Practicing self care requires you tune into your body, your emotions, your mind and your soul and attend to what it is you really need and desire.



Silence Your Inner Critic


In order to care for ourselves we must first recognise and banish the inner critic.  That inner ‘mean girl’, ‘critic’, ‘judge’, ‘saboteur’ or whatever you call it, (I call mine ‘The Committee’) serves us at certain times in our life.  But at others it undermines our dreams.

This is that voice that always casts doubt on your inspiration, your actions or even just you.

There are times in our life we really need that inner voice.  It is the voice of caution that pops up to keep us safe.  But it is also the voice that keeps us small, limited, and unfulfilled.

In the interests of self-care it is at these times that you need to reclaim the control to direct your own life.  When you don’t do this your inner voice will keep you restricted with old stories and belief systems that don’t support your personal growth.

The second part of the process is to attend to your needs.  A lot of people think this is about pampering but it is much more.  While pampering can be a part of self-care it’s not the crux.  At its centre self care is about tuning in to your body, emotions, mind and spirit and addressing what it is you need on all these levels.

It can be hard to know how to begin the process of self care.  Here are five suggestions.



Guide To Self Care


1. Shut Down Your Inner Mean Voice

I began the process of self-care by dealing with the voice of my ‘Inner Committee’.  The very first step was to recognise it when it very first showed up and stop it dead.  I used strong language first and then spoke back to it.  I reminded it that I was the driver on our life journey; that it was welcome to come along for the ride, but I was in charge.


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“When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver.”                           ~  Brene Brown



All information and opinions presented here are for information purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for professional advice offered during a consultation with your health care provider.  Do not use this article to diagnose a health condition.  Speak to your doctor if you think your condition may be serious or before discontinuing any prescribed medication.  Please consult with your health care provider before following any of the treatment suggested on this site, particularly if you have an ongoing health issue.

Best Tips For Spring Health And Wellness



After a long cold, wet, winter we’re all quite ready to bid it farewell! Spring has blossomed bringing the reminder of youth, and the promise of new beginnings. We’re ready to shrug off winter, stretch and expand our energy up and outwards. Spring is the time of transformation and growth. Spring’s the time to renew your energy and change your life. These top tips for Spring health will launch your momentum to rise to your fullest Summer potential.

As the days warm and lengthen in Spring you’ll start to feel lighter, both emotionally and physically.


best tips for spring health and wellness



Get outside. Play, socialize and have fun just as a child would. The sun is up earlier and staying later. Join him and get outside to watch the dawn. Even if you wake grumpy give yourself the opportunity to get out, feel the earth under your feet and soak in all the benefits of grounding.



Instead of letting restlessness irritate you in spring use it to kick-start your exercise program.

Spring is a great time to overhaul – or begin – your exercise routine. Walk faster, join a dance class, try yoga or tai chi, even join a hiking group or cricket team. Honour your body by not overdoing it, and remember to keep hydrated or you’ll become fatigued very quickly.



If you want to bring the new into your life you must make space for it. Whether it’s a new spring wardrobe, new habits or new thought patterns, if you want it to create a new you, you need to de-clutter first. The first step is to release everything that no longer serves you.

Spring offers a great opportunity to clear the mind and get rid of thoughts that undermine our self-esteem or are toxic to relationships. Once you clear out old toxic thought patterns you can start planting positivity seeds to create a life you love.

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Happy New Year -Shine On

happy new year 2016


Dear Amazing Reader,

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my blog last year.

I hope while you were here you discovered much to inspire you, as well as loads of everyday tips to help you live a healthy, happy life.

May your New Year be filled with inspiration, love, laughter, and many magical moments with friends and family.

Let’s step forward into the New Year together on the road towards great health and heappiness.

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HappyHolisticHealth Is Moving

Have you been following Happy Holistic Health? Do you love the posts dropping straight into your inbox with great tips, reminding you of ways to live in health and wellness for you and your family? Are you relieved that they save you from having to go searching for the information? Do you enjoy the in-depth holistic health articles that support you to enjoy a healthy life that you love to live?

Well you still can! Happy Holistic Health is moving and has a whole NEW LOOK, but the great information is set to continue.

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It’s been awesome connecting with you, my amazing reader, and I feel humbled that you make the time in your busy life to read my posts. I certainly hope we can continue to connect through my new ‘clean-look’ website “Nàdurra Health – Catherine Bullard” where happyholistichealth will now reside.

You will still receive:

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I hope you click through and reconnect. I really look forward to your thoughts, your knowledge, and your ideas and hints. I love learning from your experience.

Let’s stay in touch



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14 Awesome Books That Will Change Your Life

Christmas and the summer holidays are the perfect time to dive into some great reads. And as most of us want the New Year to be a fresh start with new plans and goals, it makes sense to read at least one life-affirming, soul-sustaining book to support you on your life journey and life purpose.

awesomw books 4

This post marks a major milestone. As I hesitantly wrote my first article in July 2012 I never dreamed I would reach 100 posts. To honour this 100 post milestone I have collected a few of the books that offered me inspiration and guidance, and influenced my journey along the pathway to health, happiness and a fulfilled life.

I am a total book addict. Curled up with a book, reading in my bedroom, is my go-to-happy-place. These are not my favourite books although some are certainly ones I do love. These are books with a purpose.

Because I always want to know the answer ‘right now’ these are books that present a poal or a purpose and then tell me how to get there. Most importantly, they all definitely played an important part in signposting the pathway for me.

This selection can give you the tools to make enormous life changes for yourself too. Take a look, and maybe find an inspiring book to add to your summer reading list, one that will open the doorway to allow big changes into your life in 2015.

WARNING: Long but awesome post ahead! Feel free to skim

library watermark-425730_640

In no particular order (apart from which one I pulled off the bookshelf first)


#1. Love The Life You Live: Ten Steps For Happier Living by Anne Hartley

This book guided me to the Life Coaching course I chose. I‘d wanted to do it for over two years before I found a course that really resonated. During that time I stumbled across this book in which Hartley outlines her “Heart Process”, the essence of the Hartlife Coaching Course I studied.
The Heart Process is basically a guideline to reclaiming your “happy.” Starting with her own story Anne takes you through a series of heart-based steps to find your joy in life again. This is solid stuff that has been around for generations, but it is presented in such a way that you don’t just get excited about the message you are also guided as to how to achieve it in your own life. The book is packed full of helpful hacks for mastering each of the ten steps.
Anne has been a Life Coach for over twenty years during which time she has refined everything she has used in her work, and here you have her most successful techniques.


#2. Walking Meditation by Nguyen Anh Huong & Thich Nhat Hanh

The practice of mindfulness has recently taken the world by storm, but my introduction came a while ago from the Master of Mindfulness himself through this book. This is more a kit than a book and is a wonderful tool if you want to introduce mindfulness into your life. It contains an instructional DVD, a CD of 5 guided meditations to get you started, and a small book to guide you through so you get the most out of your practice.
Someone once said to me that women gained most from active meditation and men gained the most from still meditation. I don’t know if it’s true or not but the concept of women engaging in the active, masculine Yang, and men in the passive, feminine Yin has a beautiful poetic balance to it.
An excellent and simple meditation for all women (and men) to master.


#3. Goddesses In Everywoman – Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives by Jean Shinoda Bolen

This is the book that launched me into the healing work I do with women today. Exploring the goddesses from ancient Greek mythology Bolen opens up our understanding of the age-old psychological patterns that modern women still follow. This is one of those books that bring incredible ‘aha’ moments as you suddenly recognize yourself in one or another goddess. It places the patterns, whether actual or potential, that you fall into in your life right there in front of you, where you can’t help but see them for what they are.
I love this book – it was such a solid foundation to understanding women’s archetypes and led to my ability to hold space for women’s healing groups, as well as to presenting their life patterns in a far more easily understood way to my Coaching clients. It’s easy to read, easy to understand and very insightful.


#4. The Inner Goddess Makeover: A Step-By-Step Makeover by Tanishka

This is the book that inspired me to go train as a Red Tent Facilitator and then later, a Women’s Rites Of Passage Facilitator. I came across “The Inner Goddess Makeover” after I read about women’s archetypes in ‘Goddesses In Everywoman’ and was left hungry to discover more about the feminine archetypes we all embody.
Tanishka uses each of seven goddess archetypes to embody seven universal psychological feminine aspects. Each one also governs a chakra. As you work through the exercises for each, consciously exploring the issues raised, you experience energy shifts and clear old blocks that were limiting you and stopping you from experiencing your personal empowerment and potential.Copy of waterhouse_the_crystal_ball_skull
I worked through this awesome and exciting journey, one chakra/goddess per month. Some of the goddesses were easy but with others I was really challenged. It was so empowering that after I finished I contacted Tanishka and went and trained with her.
This book is challenging but F.U.N. Even more fun when you set up your own goddess circle to work through it with the support of your Besties. Tanishka pulls no punches! Totally down to earth, her vibrant personality shines through, and she speaks to the reader as if you were both hanging out and chatting over a coffee.


#5. The Botany Of Desire by Michael Pollan

This is an odd book to have here but it is the book that galvanized me into opting for organic produce whenever I could, especially potatoes, changing my eating habits forever. It is about the reciprocal relationship between people and four domesticated crops. Pollan links four desires – sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control – with four plants that we use to satisfy them. He uses the story of the potato to illustrate control.
In his examination of how potato growing has evolved he visits commercial potato farms, an organic farm and Monsanto, the developers of genetically modified potatoes. Reading about the intense chemical spraying program and the permanent toxic state of the commercial farms was more than enough to turn me away from commercially grown potatoes forever. It also set me to investigate which other commercially farmed crops are highly toxic and which are relatively safe.
My very first post on this blog, Telling Tales on ‘Taters’ was inspired by this book and is about organic vs commercially grown potatoes.
The other stories about the apple, tulip and hemp are also fascinating.


#6. Healthy Home, Healthy Family by Nicole Bijilsma

Nicole is a Building Biologist and Sick Building Syndrome expert who is passionate about environmental medicine. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), allergens, drinking water, and toxic chemicals pervade our living and working spaces and here Nicole shows you how to reverse their damage on your body, your mind, your emotions and your
An accomplished Naturopath and Acupuncturist with a young family of her own, she has produced a book full of practical ways to determine and remedy the levels of toxins you are being exposed to everyday.
This book contains lots of questionnaires and checklists to assess your own home. There is also advice on selecting cleaning products, air cleaners, plastics, and more. It even includes a guide for anyone about to buy, rent or build a house, with what you need to investigate or ask before you start.
With resource lists, useful websites plus so much more this is a great book to have on hand.


#7. The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro

I was a Mum who used homeopathy for my family long before I was a professional Homeopath. Back then I needed a book that was comprehensive enough for me to find the correct remedy for the symptoms that presented, but not too complicated for my purely amateur ability.
Miranda Castro has written a book that nails it. It includes the homeopathic history, principles, myths, how to actually take a Homeopathic case and work out a remedy, then a comprehensive Materia Medica and Repertory to guide your remedy choice.
This book has it all for the ‘Home Homeopath’ and clearly and simply presents everyday homeopathic prescribing as the individualized effective treatment system it can be, when it is done correctly and well.


#8. Eating For The Seasons by Janella Purcell

I rarely recommend diet or cookbooks. But this is so much more than just a set of recipes. This book is all about eating in tune with the seasons and the rhythms of nature. By so doing your body gets just what it needs for the time of year.
This means more than simply eating light, raw food in summer and heavier, warming food during winter. Purcell’s eating recommendations are based on the principles of Traditional Asian Medicine.
Recipes (with alternative suggestions) are grouped by season. Each section also contains advice about health objectives of the season, preferred seasonal cooking methods, what to avoid, and which body organs need support.
A great book to remind you of seasonal eating patterns, even if you don’t use any of the recipes, it helps to keep you connected, by tuning in and aligning yourself with the rhythms of the Earth and life itself.


#9. The Life You Were Born To Live by Dan Millman

I love numerology and once studied it avidly, but it was so complicated. Not any more! Dan Millman changed all that. He has devised the “Life-Purpose System” from the ancient wisdom of Numbers, and it’s amazing, clear, and easy to follow. As Millman says “ the drive to understand our life purpose is as important to our psychological growth as eating is to our biological survival.” And he sets out all the information you need to help you in your quest.numbers pay-530339_640
It’s a big book but you only need to read the sections that apply directly to you and can ignore the rest. Millman shows you the simple way to calculate what is relevant to you. As you work through your picture he breaks it down into detail that applies to you, along with specific issues in your life and guidelines for action.
Millman’s book can help you sort out conflicts in your life and help you find your life purpose.


#10. Excuses Be Gone by Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer has been turning out awesome books for decades. But I love this one. After doing lots of work learning to recognise my inner critical judge, this book taught me about changing the lifelong self-defeating habitual thinking that the inner critic thrives on.
It teaches about stepping up and recognizing that although we can’t control everything that happens around us, what we make of our situation, and how we deal with it, is completely up to us and the way we choose to think. Powerful stuff!
It is easy to recognize the excuses we habitually use that Dyer places before us here. He takes us through the Seven Principles of Excuses Begone, with exercises at the end of each principle to help cement them in place. He then looks at seven questions surrounding the paradigm shift such as “What would my life look like if I couldn’t use these excuses?” and “What’s the payoff?”
But what I really love and often go back to just to remind myself, are the Four Cardinal Virtues and how they manifest – reverence for all life, natural sincerity, gentleness and supportiveness.


#11. 29 Gifts: How a Month Of Giving Can Change Your Life by Cami Walker

There are so many “Challenges” around now – 5 day, 7 day, 30 day. But this 29 day story of the role that gift giving and the practice of generosity and gratitude played in Walker’s battle with Multiple Schlerosis is heart-warming and life-affirming.
She shows that by placing our focus outside ourself and the problems of our own life we move the energy of our life away from our problems and illnesses and give ourslf the room to heal. gratitude Julie Jordan scott
As she embraced the practice of Gratitude and Gift-giving on her month long journey Cami’s health and happiness turned around. Initially filled with thoughts of ending up in a wheelchair and in extreme pain her experience was transformative.
From her own experience Cami began a movement that has spread across the globe – millions of people on a 29 Day Gifting Challenge.
This is beautiful story of her journey that you can take on and apply to your life.


#12. The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

We all talk about living in the moment, but not that many of us actually manage it. This is the basic message that we hear so often is the essence of Tolle’s book. But what makes it different is how he explains so clearly how our thoughts and emotions get in the way of achieving this, so we actually understand what is going on.
Tolle likens the mind to a destructive disease, and as long as you allow your mind to stay bonded to the inherited collective mind-patterns it will continue in its diseased state and you will continue to suffer.
He leads us to an understanding that enlightenment is found through consciousness, that through surrender we can find happiness and ultimately peace.
It is resented as a dialogue with many questions you would ask yourself.
This book really helped me get through some tough times in my life.


#13. The Chemical Maze by Bill Statham

This tiny little book revolutionized my shopping. It lists by their number all the additives found in foods, personal care and cosmetics. Beside each it grades the danger the additive poses for you, what the adverse effects are (such as asthma, dermatitis, cancer), why it is added, along with the types of products it is used in.
Luckily for you it is now available as an app for iPhone or Android.


#14. Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain

One of the first books I read that turned me onto the path of creating the life I really want, this book was written over 35 years ago and still holds today. An anniversary edition has just been released and is a great book to start with if you are just beginning your manifestation pathway.


So this is just a starter. It doesn’t include the writings of so many brilliant teachers. I hope you are drawn to one of the books on this list. Happy reading!

Please add the name of any book that has guided you to make huge change in your life in the comments section under “LEAVE A REPLY” below. I’d love to know, and am always ready to open the cover of a new book and discover another new life lesson.

awesome books 1



WOMO – 2014 Service Award

1020745 Thanks to our customers and their lovely reviews, Nàdurra Health – Catherine Bullard was awarded with a  Word Of Mouth Online 2014 Service Award as one of the Top 5% of businesses based on customer reviews! WOW! 

Indigo Centre Health & Wellness Festival

New Facebook

 Would you like to make the switch to a more natural health approach but don’t know where to start? Come find out

Are you wondering which Alternative Therapy would be the best for you? Come find out

With so many different Alternative Therapies available are you a little confused about just what they all are? Come find out

 Have you heard about a Natural Therapy and want to know what it is? Come find out

Indigo Health and Wellness

Our Eastern Suburbs Natural Health Practitioners are here to answer your questions

They will show you how your health can benefit from a more natural approach.


Our members are Registered Practitioners of many Alternative Natural Therapies and they are here to explain what their methods are all about, and how they can help YOU.

Come along and watch demontrations, get a ‘taster’, chat to the therapist.

Come for the whole day or part of the day to experience what they have to offer you.

Great door prizes.

Check out the program below so you don’t miss anything.



Time Demonstrations Testing Meet Therapist Experiences
10.30 Yoga for Immunity & Detox Chakra Checks Wellness 101
11.00 The Importance of ‘Me Time’ Chakra Checks Meet with Immunity Yoga Teacher
11.30 Medicine Cabinet Makeover Chakra Checks Meet ‘Me Time’ Life Mentor
12.00 Toyahari – Japanese Non-Insertive Acupuncture Chakra Checks Meet ‘Me Time’ Life Mentor Guided Meditation
12.30 Crystals For Wellness & Everyday Life Meet ‘Medicine Cabinet Makeover’ therapist    – – – –
1.00 Tanbo Sound Healing Meet Gentle Yoga Instructor Toyahari Mini Treatments
1.30 Sensitive Resonance Therapy Magnagraph®  Health Checks Toyahari Mini Treatments
2.00 Gentle Yoga for Injury & Stress Recovery Magnagraph®  Health Checks Earthing Sheets & Electromagnetic Radiation The Wish Game® – Love & Relationships
2.30 The Virtues Project for Parents Slim & Sassy Fat Loss Earthing Sheets & Electromagnetic Radiation    – – – –
3.00 Cranial Sacral Therapy Virtues Mini Readings Personal Power Session The Wish Game® – Forgiveness
3.30 Prize Draw Virtue Mini  Readings Personal Power Session    – – – –

Watch a new demonstration every half hour.

  • Talk to therapists
  • Receive free testing
  • Receive free mini reading
  • Enjoy activities



Parking is available on the street and behind the Centre, access via the laneway on Doncaster East Rd.


Road: 2 minutes from Eastlink, 5 minutes from the Eastern Freeway.

Rail: A short walk from Mitcham station

Bus: The 901 route stops at the door.


Disability access


Tea and coffee will be available at the event. There are many small cafes in Mitcham, a two minute walk away.


special price

 Purchase tickets online for the Special Online Price until 4th September.

Please print the earlybird ticket you purchased online and bring it with you for entry.

Tickets are available at the door for $14 or 2 for $20.

No refunds.

Passouts available.



Catherine  0429 140 181

Kim  0430 392 244

Red Tent Soul Sisters Sanctuary (July)

Circle of Women

Have you ever joined with a circle of women where you take the time and space to connect with your inner knowing, in order to receive insights and clear pointers about the direction your life needs to follow right now?

The Red Tent Soul Sister Sanctuary helps to restore balance in your life and nurture your personal spiritual growth, as well as providing you with a deep sense of nourishment to fuel your soul and fill your heart.

If you are in Melbourne this coming weekend this is your opportunity to experience for yourself.

To discover more about the event read on…

This month we journey under the joyful and regal Leo New Moon.

Leo is a FIRE sign and provides the perfect opportunity to connect with your inner passion and whatever fires you up.

This New Moon is particularly auspicious as the Moon joins up with Lucky Jupiter to enhance the magnanimous Leo energy. This is the time to be generous, to let go of grudges and to find that happy, childlike, warmth and playfulness within.

Leo is also the time to step into your Inner Queen, to connect with her proud generosity and confidence. This is a powerful time to make plans and to reap the rewards from new creative beginnings, big or small. It is time to let out your Lion’s Roar.

And, it’s quite ok to wear your tiara to this one.

Women instinctively know that gathering with other like minded women offers enormous psychological and energetic benefits.

The Red Tent Soul Sisters Sanctuary is an opportunity to take time-out from your busy life to reconnect with your inner self, to let your inner child out to play, to share and to be supported in a sisterhood of exchanged knowledge, insights, gifts, wisdom, guided meditation, laughter & art, all within a safe and sacred space, while consciously journeying with the cycles of the moon and universe.

Traditionally the Red Tent was a place where women would gather to tune in to their feminine wisdom and receive insights for themselves, their families and for the greater good of their community. It would take place during the dark moon when the Moon is shadowed from the Sun by the Earth, and when feminine intuition is at its most heightened.

The Leo moon is ruled by the element of fire and is represented by the archetype of the Lion, who wears her regal air with confidence and grace. This new moon takes us to a place to embrace our creativity and generosity.

So come and journey with us, join with a variety of beautiful women of all ages, cultures, and walks of life. This is a time and place where every woman is honoured for her own feminine wisdom and experiences, all of which allow us all the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.

Each Red Tent gathering includes a sharing circle, insights for the coming month, guided meditation, setting intentions and a shared supper (or lunch).

You leave feeling deeply soul-nourished and filled with purpose.

WHEN: Saturday 26th July
TIME:   1.00pm for 1.30 start – 4.00pm
COST:   $20
WHERE: Indigo Centre for Health & Wellbeing, 563 Whitehorse Rd,. Mitcham Vic 3132


Please bring a small plate of food to share afterwards


For more info please private message Catherine Bullard on Facebook or call +61 429 140 181


Booking online is recommended to secure your cushion.

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