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Hi there, and welcome. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

There are already so many blogs to follow about leading a healthy life and here you are on another one.  Many blogs focus on a particular part of good health practices such as foods, fitness, stress or yoga and examine this in minute detail. But my experience and personal interest refuses to allow me to focus on one factor alone.  My interests are wide-ranging and eclectic, I use one line of enquiry as a springboard to the next intriguing idea which then leads me on to another, rather like a small bird landing in a wild and abundant garden of flowers, hopping with great excitment and enthusiasm from one bush to the next. This experience has taught me that it is only by investigating and applying a wide-ranging and eclectic blend do we achieve any great lasting benefit to our life.

I work as a Complementary Medicine Practitioner, and have for over twelve years advised and prescribed within the boundaries set by professional body guidelines. But I am always aware that while what I do offers great help to many people I also know that it is only part of the picture. So on these pages I hope to share with you thoughts, observations and experiences which I hope may broaden your health experience as they have mine.

Chronic illness and stress have blown out in our society and I believe they are an indicator of our fundamental level of widespread un-wellness. I intend to wander through and examine all sorts of things going on in the world today that might be contributing to this state of being. This will be undertaken with respect as we are all living the way we each need to and your way is different to mine. But, sometimes it is worth jumping to another path that is running alongside our own. This is something I have done on occasion with good results as it is these small changes and noticeings that can suddenly free things up so they start to flow, just like moving one log in a log jam. It is my intention that this space will be the catalyst you need to facilitate a gentler flow.

This blog is a pathway of exploration, on the quest for the happy healthy life, and I warn you in true eclectic style to expect both the fundamental and the metaphysical with everything in between.

Let the journey to a happy healthy life flow gently into your life by clicking to orange button in the right hand column to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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